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Should competition authorities care about conglomerate mergers?

Mergers and acquisitions may change competition even when they do not affect market structure, a case known as conglomerate mergers. Competition authorities for a long time have adopted an ambiguous view towards conglomerate mergers, in particular those that are product …

Competition Assessment in developing countries: Policy challenges after the global crisis

After the 2007-2008 global financial crisis, the world has been facing persistently low economic growth, particularly in many developing economies where the low growth environment is putting progress and shared prosperity at risk. In addition to this context, numerous laws, …

The Internationalization of Merger Review: Extraterritoriality, Conflicts and Convergence

Differences in the assessment standards and notification procedures of merger policy across jurisdictions impose substantial transaction costs on international business and commerce. In this paper, the issue of the internationalization of merger policy will be discussed by focusing on the …

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