Vicente Bagnoli

Vicente Bagnoli is a Professor of Law at Mackenzie University and lawyer. PhD in Philosophy and General Theory of Law at University of Sao Paulo and visiting researcher for Pos Doc at Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition – Munich; Master in Political and Economic Law at Mackenzie University; Non-governmental advisor (NGA) of the International Competition Network (ICN); Temporary consultant of World Bank Group; President of the Brazilian Bar Association – Sao Paulo, Sector of Competition/Antitrust (2013-2015); Member of the Board of Directors of IBRAC – Brazilian Institute of Competition; Member of ASCOLA – Academic Society for Competition Law; Member of the board of directors of the Italian Chamber of Commerce – Sao Paulo/Brazil; and Coordinator of the Competition Law Studies Group at Mackenzie University. Several books and papers published, a great part of it in Competition/Antitrust area.

Maria Fernanda Caporale Madi

Maria Fernanda Caporale Madi is an antitrust lawyer and economist, currently doing a PhD in Law and Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam; Visiting researcher at University of Bologna and University of Hamburg (2015/2016); LLM in Law and Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam (2014); Bachelor degree in Law at Mackenzie University; Bachelor degree in Economics at University of São Paulo; Member of ASCOLA – Academic Society for Competition Law; and Member of the Competition Law Studies Group at Mackenzie University. Author of papers in Competition/Antitrust area.

Renny Reyes

Renny Reyes has been a legal consultant on Administrative Law, Public Law and Regulations for more than 10 years, and since 2008 has taught Administrative Law, Administrative Sanctions Law, and Law and Economics at the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra, for the law school and the graduate school. She has an European Master in Law and Economics (2012) from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, University of Ghent and University of Vienna, and is currently doing a PhD in Law and Economics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Her research is focuses on regulations, regulatory governance, regulatory evaluation, and administrative law.


Maria Alejandra Madi

Maria Alejandra Madi holds a PhD in Economics, UNICAMP, Brazil. Former professor and researcher at the State University of Campinas in Brazil (1983-2012), her career includes visiting professorships at the University of Manitoba (2008) and the University of Kassel (2010) and a position of Avocational Lecturer at Steinbes University Berlin (2014-2015). Currently, she is Chair of the World Economics Association (WEA) Conferences and Assistant Editor of the International Journal of Pluralism and Economics Education. She co-edited some of the Green Economic Institute books, including The Greening of Global Finance and The Greening of Latin America. More recently, she has co-edited the WEA book The Economics Curriculum: towards a radical reformulation and Ideas towards a new international financial architecture?. Her latest books include Global Finance and Development and Small Business in Brazil: competitive global challenges. She blogs at WEA Pedagogy Blog (